Universal Systems


GPS Tracking

We offer GPS tracking, monitoring, and management solutions that are easy to use and ideal for personal or business use. Whether you’re protecting your property from theft or tracking down a lost child, our devices allow you to monitor anything in real time from any web-based computer.

GPS For Commercial Use

  • Recover stolen property and protect property from theft (vehicles, assets, equipment, etc.)
  • Acquire, measure and evaluate vehicle operating information without relying on employees’ records
  • Track entire fleets of vehicles at one time

GPS For Personal Use

  • Protect property from theft and recover stolen property (trailers, boats, RVs, ATVs, jet-skis, etc.)
  • Track small children or elderly relatives
  • Monitor your teen driver or any other family members who drive
  • Call for help when out of mobile phone range (ideal for hikers, fisherman, or any outdoor enthusiast)