Universal Systems


Analog Video Systems

Universal Systems offers a broad range of analog video components that are designed to help you enhance your video surveillance system.

Twist Pair Video

Twisted pair video permits higher cabling density and longer transmission distances than traditional coaxial cable.

Power Supplies

Compared to individual plug-in transformers, a multi-camera power supply reduces the overall cost of the installation and does not tie up multiple power outlets.

Surge Protectors

These lightweight and low profile surge protectors provide superior protection against voltage spikes that can disable and permanently damage valuable video equipment.

Lcd Monitors

Our LCD monitors are uniquely designed to provide crisp images through advanced functionality, a large viewing area and high resolution.

Crt Monitors

Color and black and white CRT monitors come standard with a universal power supply that allows the monitor to operate over a large range of input voltages and frequencies.


VCRs are fully-featured, extremely versatile, commercial grade recorders designed for simple theft prevention applications to full-scale, industrial surveillance systems.